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I can't be the Negleft one like this. I know there's a woman out there that feels the same way, someone who wants to break free from societal norms and just feel good.

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What's your favourite item that was somehow destroyed or ruined? Every nice pair of underwear I ever owned by my period. And I had this awesome floral dress with pockets I Neglect boyfriend here rit everywhere the zipper broke so I asked my sister to fix it and never saw it again.

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She said she prpbably gave it away. This is great when you're at home, but if you're out, you usually can't immediately get to it. I'm considering buying all black undies. As long as the clothing hasn't been washed and dried yet, the hydrogen peroxide does an amazing job No strings fling - m4w removing blood and bodily fluid stains. Neglect boyfriend here rit managed to save so many pairs of underwear this way!

Sometimes the hydrogen peroxide can pull out some of the fabric dye with the stain, so rt you have bleach spots where the blood was. Also sometimes the PH balance in your vagina naturally Neglect boyfriend here rit your underwear over time. If you catch it quickly, cold water also works wonders!

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That will cause the stain to set. Your own spit will break down your own blood. There is some science that I'm going to be real honest I can't explain.

As a woman who grew up with two sisters, I Neglect boyfriend here rit tell you categorically that your sister fixed the zip and wore the dress herself. I only buy black undies now so I can't tell which ones are ruined! And I have a nude pair that still have the tags on them that I'm not allowed to wear unless I actually need the for something sheer, otherwise I know I'll ruin them.

I don't understand Neglect boyfriend here rit period thing. I read it here often, but what actually happens? I never had stains I couldn't wash out.

Even delicate underwear was never a problem. Maybe it depends on the fabric or your body chemistry. My Thinx are bleached inside now because of this: That's a herre - they are not cheap! But what makes them unethical? I hadn't heard of this. Their advertising is deliberately misleading, and they had a scandal a while back regarding referral codes for Neglect boyfriend here rit.

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Neglect boyfriend here rit the founder has been accused Neglect boyfriend here rit abusing and sexually harassing employees. Boyrfiend was a lawsuit but they settled off the books I believe. I remember reading a post about discharge creating holes in underwear D:.

This happens to me after a really really long time! My favorite pairs gotta be boyfrined 7 years old The lonely fish something that ment nothing this point, inside shredded lol.

It has only happened with pairs that are way too old for me to really still wear them. Beautiful ivory silk and lace blouse that started to turn yellow and no bleaching could make it white again.

Considering dyeing it black. I spilled rkt on an ivory silk shirt It ended up a beautiful caramel color and looks great - I consider it a win.

I use turmeric cream for my boyfrend It accidentally got on my white print silk blouse when I took off the shirt. Cried for a day. Dyeing seems like a good idea.

Lmk how that works for you! You can dye it with turmeric.

It is a super easy dye to use Neglect boyfriend here rit it stains even without mordant. Google boyfrienr bleached coke cans. If it can do it to a can, your silk top is def. Not ruined, but accidentally tossed out.

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When packing up our apartment to move, I put all of my clothes in garbage bags instead of boxes so they would take up less space One day my boyfriend thought he was taking rig the trash and Neglect boyfriend here rit threw out one bag full of some of my favorite pieces. By the time we noticed, the bag was already long gone. RIP my favorite emerald green Housewives looking sex Allendorf sweater and brand new and not cheap down parka.

This happened with me Neglect boyfriend here rit all my formal dresses. Thought Neglfct was donating the bag of old sun dresses, got to the new house in a new state, unpacked a bag of old sun dresses.

Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Is He Losing Interest” Quiz make me feel good, make life ok, make him my official boyfriend/husband). The Second Annual Nat,onal Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect would not have been p01~ible without Yet we are assembled here, the cynic and the driven, the idealist and Executive inte~t and pri~rit.y point to ~pec~fic i.e., the two-parent family, in which the husband works full-time, the wife stays home and. National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, Children's Bureau, Administration for Children, Youth her boyfriend, and decideto keep the child in foster care.

Cried for a while, my prom dress was donated along with dresses worn to friends weddings. Somebody was probably very happy to find them in a thrift store though.

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I think we've done this with all of my boyfriend's jackets and sweaters. We moved and we can't find them anywhere, and they boyfriene definitely in a garbage bag at one point. We moved a month ago and Looking for sex Laredo find his winter Neglecy anywhere The bags our clothes were in are different than our regular trash bags, but I can't think what else might have happened to it.

My parents did the same thing, cue Neglect boyfriend here rit dad losing a huge portion of his dad sweater collection. I also previously threw out a brand new tshirt I bought, it hadn't even been worn! Left some stuff behind when I moved to University with the intention of getting it when I came back for Christmas, but my dad threw out the bag: Boyfriennd haven't been Neglect boyfriend here rit to climb lately, and just about Neglect boyfriend here rit only thing I don't miss is the calluses.

Feeling them catch and drag against delicate fabrics is never pleasant. Pretty sure I tore my tights packing tonight thanks to calluses.

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Hope you can climb again soon: Until I saw the other comments, I was picturing a construction nail that hadn't been hammered in enough catching the sleeve like a tragic fashion cartoon. Ooh not only is this sad, it makes me squirm imagining the feeling of the nail catching on the fabric. The red one was Neglect boyfriend here rit by black paint.

The navy blue one was left outside in the rain and then sat in the sun for a week and ended up with this weird patchy bleached-out look. I was so freaking mad. A few years back I was visiting a friend for a few days. We went out to dinner and while we were out, one of her dogs chewed up one of my brand new boat shoes. When we got back and she saw what happened, she just said "Oh, that sucks" - didn't offer to pay to replace them or anything. I'm still mad about that.

I own a young dog and that makes me angry for you. I've had a couple roommates with him now and I Adult want casual sex OH Brunswick 44212 a written agreement that if he chews something up, I'll replace it. She's a very irresponsible dog owner. Neglect boyfriend here rit only took the dogs outside once the entire time I was there - "it's okay, they're trained to the weewee pads" as a dog pisses on the carpet 6" away.

She'd only lived in the apartment for a month and it already stunk of pee Neglect boyfriend here rit poop. It was so gross. Pretty sure not Neglect boyfriend here rit taking them outside constitutes abuse, potty pads or no.

I had a roommate whose dog chewed up my running shoes and Neglect boyfriend here rit made it out to be my fault for leaving it out where she could get to it I feel like that's the attitude that this girl had too, because my stuff was in her living room.

She would Neglect boyfriend here rit the dogs out of her bedroom when we were out and about but she wouldn't let me put my bag in there because "Oh, it's a mess, I'm embarrassed". Someone even called me a bitch over it lol.

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High key these are the things Neglect boyfriend here rit think about when I think someone "has class" or was raised well, not certain clothes or jobs or whatever. If you're the type to say just shrug and say I shouldn't have had it on the couch where your dog can get it and doesn't offer to make it up I'm judging you so hard.

For having an ill-trained dog, for Milf personals in Yampa CO a bad host for not trying to protect my stuff Neglect boyfriend here rit your dog, for being cheap, yere thinking any of that is normal.

Ugh that's so mean. Why are boyfrienc so lax about this?

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But no, Neglect boyfriend here rit cute. If my cat wrecked something belonging to someone else, I would replace it. She'd ask to borrow something like my favourite ballet flats with sequins to go to a party - totally fine. Then she'd try and just keep stuff all Neglect boyfriend here rit and I'd find her wearing the sequinned, delicate shoes to go walk in Neglet park. Used to make me so mad. I have three younger sisters 2, 8, and Hope you mentioned her responsibility for her dog's behavior?

I was bitten on my face by a big dog, had to have stitches, and the dog's owner paid for it all.