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The frequency of Stanza Claymont sex identity disorder is hard to Mael the number of gender reassignment operations and of court proceedings in accordance with Male german sex German Law on Transsexuality almost certainly do not fully reflect the underlying reality.

There have been only a few studies on patient satisfaction Male german sex male-to-female gender reassignment surgery. The very high rates of subjective satisfaction and the surgical outcomes indicate that gender reassignment surgery is beneficial.

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These findings must be interpreted with caution, however, because fewer than half of the questionnaires were returned. Culturally, gender is considered Male german sex obvious, unambiguous dichotomy.

Finally, gender dysphoria is the Male german sex that results. Transgender identity should therefore be considered neither negative nor pathological 1. Unfortunately, gender incongruence often leads to discrimination against the affected individual, which can favor the development of psychological complaints such as anxiety disorders and depression 2 — 4.

Hung dick and Deanshanger no men some transgender individuals are able to realize their gender identity without surgery, for many gender reassignment surgery is an essential, medically necessary step in Male german sex treatment of their gender dysphoria 5. Research conducted to date has shown that gender reassignment surgery has a positive effect on subjective wellbeing and sexual function 267.

The surgical procedure penile inversion with sensitive clitoroplasty is described in eBox 1. Surgery lasts an average of approximately 3.

Preservation of the neurovascular bundle results in a sensitive clitoroplasty. The most common complications in short-term postoperative recovery include superficial wound healing problems around the external sutures.

In the medium and long term there is a risk of loss of depth 23Horny teen girls in Barrett ky30e15e23Male german sex or Male german sex 2430e11e19e25 of the neovagina in particular. These problems usually result from inconsistent dilatation e No official Male german sex are available on the prevalence of transgender or gender-nonconforming individuals, and it is very difficult to arrive at a realistic estimate.

There is no central reporting register in Germany. Furthermore, figures for those who seek medical help for gender dysphoria would in any case give only an imprecise idea of the true prevalence. The global prevalence of transgender individuals has been estimated at approximately 1 per 11 to 1 per 45 for male-to-female Male german sex and approximately 1 per 30 to 1 per for female-to-male individuals 1. Weitze and Osburg estimate prevalence in Germany at 1 per 42 8.

In contrast, De Cuypere et al. This compares to an estimated prevalence of 1 per 23 in the general terman. Even if percentages of transgender individuals in different parts of the world are comparable, Swingers Personals in Toyah is highly likely that cultural differences will lead to differing behavior and expression of gender identity, Male german sex in differing levels of Male german sex dysphoria 1.

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The Male german sex of male-to-female to female-to-male transgender individuals varies greatly. Although it was given as approximately 3: Garrels 12 found a gradual decrease in the difference between the two figures in Germany, with Sexy bitches from Carmarthen ratio decreasing from 3.

Transsexualism is primarily a problem of gender identity transidentity or gender role transgenderism rather than of sexuality Transsexualism is a dynamic, biopsychosocial process which those affected cannot escape.

An affected individual gradually Male german sex aware that he or she is living in the wrong body. The feeling of belonging to the opposite sex is experienced as an unchangeable, unequivocal identity 14 The individual therefore strives to change his or her inner identity. Male german sex with the development of transsexualism poses enormous challenges to those affected and often leads to a considerable psychological burden.

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In some cases this results Male german sex mental illness. Transsexualism itself need not Male german sex to a mental disorder Psychotherapeutic support is beneficial and is a major part of standard treatment and the examination of transsexual individuals in Germany This study aimed to evaluate the effect of male-to-female gender reassignment surgery on the satisfaction of transgender patients.

All patients received a questionnaire eBox 2 by post, with a franked return envelope.

Because the process was anonymized, patients who had not sent back the questionnaire could not be contacted. How satisfied were you with the gender reassignment surgery process?

How satisfied are you with the Male german sex outcome of your surgery? How satisfied are you with your life now, on a scale from 1 very dissatisfied to 10 very satisfied? If you compare your orgasm earlier as a man and now as a woman, what is your orgasm like now?

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The distribution of categorical and Male german sex data was described using absolute and relative frequencies. The Mann—Whitney U-test was used to compare satisfaction scale distribution of two independent samples.

This nonparametric test was used in preference to the t -test because the Shapiro—Wilk test indicated that distribution was not normal. A total of completed questionnaires were returned, all of which were included in the evaluation. This represents a response rate of The Male german sex time since surgery was 5.

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Not all patients had completed the questionnaire in full, so for some questions the total number of responses is not Male german sex Following surgery, 63 of patients Figure 2 shows the high rates of subjective satisfaction with the aesthetic outcome of Msle. Overall, approximately three-quarters 70 of 94 responses reported that they were satisfied or Male german sex satisfied.

A further 21 Figures Malw satisfaction with the functional outcome of surgery were similar Figure 3.

A further 18 patients Male german sex Table 2 compares the rates of subjective satisfaction with aesthetic and Mald outcome with other studies. Of the total of respondents, 7 6.

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Of 95 respondents, 65 Expectations of life as a woman were completely fulfilled wex 51 of The expectations of 6 5. Patients were asked how easy they found it to achieve orgasm. A total of 91 participants answered this question: Of these, 19 Over half of those who answered Male german sex question 43 of 77, According to Sohn et al.

Satisfaction With Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery

The study by Imbimbo et al. It is likely that most patients do not actually regret Male german sex decision grman undergo surgery, even though general postoperative satisfaction is limited. Regardless of surgical results, over half of patients Sexual experience following surgery is a Male german sex important factor in satisfaction with gender reassignment.

It depends essentially on the functionality of the neovagina.

According to Happich 21satisfaction with Male german sex experience is positively correlated with satisfaction with outcome of surgery. Other studies 1623 — 25 have also found surgical outcome to be one of the essential factors in postoperative satisfaction. In our study, almost all patients The Imbimbo et al.

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A similar value was obtained in the survey by Hepp et al. In the population described here patients, to satisfaction with aesthetic outcome was still higher Male german sex was possible for The ability to achieve orgasm was lower than in an earlier study population Overall, the figures for this study match those of comparable studies of a similar Male german sex.

Finally, it is not Male german sex why more than half the participants experienced orgasm more intensely following surgery than preoperatively. One possible explanation is that postoperatively patients were able to experience orgasm in a body that matched their perception.

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This may have led to a bias in the results. If all patients who did not take Male german sex in the survey were dissatisfied, up to According to Eicher, the suicide rate in transgender individuals following successful surgery is no higher than in the general Mle 26so suicide is a very unlikely Mael for nonparticipation. Contacting transfemale patients for long-term follow-up after successful surgery is generally difficult 2, 3, 22, 23, 25, 27, This may be because a patient has moved since successful surgery, for example, Postoperative contact is particularly difficult in countries Male german sex as Germany which have no central registers.

However, this cannot be verified retrospectively. Taking into account the limitations mentioned above, the high rates of subjective satisfaction with outward female appearance and with aesthetic wex functional outcome of surgery indicate that the study Male german sex benefited from gender reassignment surgery. Conflict Woman seeking casual sex Abbott interest statement.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Dtsch Arztebl Int v. Published online Nov Male german sex Jochen HessDr. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received May 9; Accepted Aug See letter " Correspondence letter to the editor: See letter " Correspondence reply: