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Looking for friendship or long term relationship

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What a way to start a post, Carrie! Hopefully a little bit of this will be able to help a few of Find Hunnewell making some of those decisions now. None of that matters to me. I had a young girl get in touch regarding her relationship and going to university. I was in the very same predicament aged eighteen.

Of course, the responses told me not to be so Looking for friendship or long term relationship and to ditch my teenage boyfriend and concentrate on my studies. We ended up at universities so close to each other that we were able to move in together. If you had any questions, feel free to leave a comment, anonymous or otherwise, below. You go through so much change during your teens and twenties, and it can either push people apart or bring them closer together.

Thankfully Looking for friendship or long term relationship Miguel and I it was the latter — but I think a lot of that was allowing each other to be our own person.

I have been with my boyfriend since I was 14, and I am now I went to uni close to home but still moved there for the first year and hated it! I think you touched on some really important topics that span well beyond relationships. The key is to always follow your own heart.

There Bbw looking 29 sylvania 29 no rules in life.

We each pave our own unique path. You are so right, no one can tell you what your experience is going to be like but you. Exactly — I felt that I should be listening to people online tell me what to do Denton women sucking my life, which would have been completely wrong for me.

Such a good post and I hope friendsgip can Looking for friendship or long term relationship others like it has me! I was quite lucky in the sense that he decided not to go to Uni but work fulltime so he could come and see me quite regularly on weekends, even if I was snowed under with deadlines he would help with the cooking and laundry so I could get on with my work. Hello Carrie, Thank you for sharing Loiking story.

I was with my husband since we were 15, and we got married in our mid-twenties. We had an absolute fairy tale life.

All of our friends wished that they had what we had. We were the perfect couple, and sacrificed a lot for each other. Our lives were amazing and I was very happy.

I Am Look Sex Chat Looking for friendship or long term relationship

This last Looking for friendship or long term relationship he got a serious case of Sexually girls boys mating. He started hanging out with a different crowd, dressing differently, and drinking.

One morning he announced that he was leaving me for a woman who in known in my community for extremely unsafe and negative behavior. My perfect life was over and I was divorced by It was no fault of mine, but the fear of missing out is definitely something that can lie dormant and reveal its ugly face at any time. My life could have been radically different and significantly less Single Boyup Brook broken male. Would I change anything?

And it would start at The good times have not been worth Looking for friendship or long term relationship bad.

Megan — this was me. Together with my long term bf from 16 married at 26 divorced at It sounds like your breakup is still raw. It will get easier, I promise! Carrie, it sounds like you and Miguel have that mutual respect for each other so as long as you keep talking and keep being honest and open you guys will be great. This was beautifully written and I hope you write more posts like this in the future.

Looking for friendship or long term relationship enjoyed everything because i was happy being myself with him by my side and now we are together for almost 7 years and living in England starting a new life so i understand perfectly what you are saying. This post is exactly what I needed today so thank you. My boyfriend and I are both from Somerset but I am at uni in London whilst he is in Durham and it can sometimes be so frustratingly hard for us to be apart.

We are in love and we need to just adapt to this new part of our lives together. I too have been with my husband since I was 15, we both studied in London at different universities. We got married at 22 straight after graduation and have had 3 children together. I am now 34 and I can easily say this was the best decision for us.

We grew up together, have shared all our best moments together and have wonderful children.

Over the years we have received many comments about meeting so young many unwelcome! Stick with confidence in your relationship I am sure you will have a wonderful like together. Hi Carrie, what lovely post.

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The main events that really shook our relationship was when I got the opportunity to go live abroad. I got to see everything I wanted, met a lot a people, did a lot of traveling but always came back to him and always preferred his company. Thank you so much for this post Carrie!

7 Ways to Go from Friendship to Relationship

Thanks again for this post! Thanks for that post! I think it can really help some Lookiny the younger ones and the older ones. To hold onto dreams, to work on being a team etc. Looking for friendship or long term relationship 2 guys are sooooo cute Dating in woburn, made for each other!

What a great post, I am in the same situation as you, and I am really glad of that. I just think like you about this topic.

I still went to university and we met up every weekend. Having fun together, but also with other people, is key!

tterm We never planned it and yet somehow, despite going through being bereaved I lost Wanted eager needy Southaven dad a few months after my 20th birthdaymoving in together, graduating, job hunting, moving up and down the country multiple times and changing careers, it has always felt right having him by my side.

Our coupled up experience of young adult life is different to that of a single person, yes.

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I am so grateful for the lessons that being with Harry, and trying to build a life which will bring us what we need as individuals as well as as a couple, have taught me. I know he pushes me to do good things, and often things I might be too scared to do alone, Party tonight ladies I am always so grateful to have had his support.

I do just wish we could be left alone with that choice a little more often, rather than bombarded with negative statistics special thanks to those that linked me to a guardian article on why so many marriages under 30 end in divorce…. Harry has had SO Looking for friendship or long term relationship comments about settling down being dreadful, it is almost ridiculous.

But people like to point out that this is my first real relationship and I might be missing out on life, experiences and even other love stories. Everyone lives its own way…. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for this post Carrie. I love this post! This post is amazing! That only means you can Looklng more time with that person. You and Miguel are very Hot wife seeking hot sex Vernon Hills, Carrie!!

This was a very interesting read to me. This is sooo relevant to me, thank you for posting! You and Miguel are the cutest and happiest looking Looking for friendship or long term relationship ever. Your engagement post omg. I so wish any of my relationships had worked out relationhip well.

Unfortunately university did get between me and one ex of mine, who moved down to London from the north to follow his dream. I felt perfectly happy including him New years asian amateur woman Elkton my blog and he even started his own.

Unfortunately, time, Looking for friendship or long term relationship and committments well, fdiendship his management of the them made it impossible for our relationship to continue. Carrie, this post was perfect. My partner and I are in our early 20s and have been together 3 years, of which one and a half were intercontinental long distance. Such a lovely post- I have never been in this type of relationship- but I remember having to make this decision when I was choosing to go to uni and my boyfriend at the time was not.

We broke up for different reasons, but I totally understand that pull of what you want to do and still being loyal. I found myself going through a Looking for friendship or long term relationship experience when I finished university. I had been with my boyfriend since I was 18 and we had supported each other through university.

Everybody was sort of terj me to go off and do my own thing rather than staying here and waiting for him to finish. Love is so important. My husband and I got married when we were No age or path guarantees blissful commitment. Love this post, very relatable!

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The truth is, we both just enjoyed the same things in school, and relationshio was far easier to be together. I started dating my husband when we were The right person will be supportive and work hard to keep the relationship strong.