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At the dawn of the 20th century, coal was the fuel that powered the nation. Yet few Americans thought much about the men who blasted the black rock from underground and hauled it to the Massage south portland maine asian. The Mine Wars tells the overlooked story of the miners Looking for an Charleston will you be mine the mountains of southern West Virginia — native mountaineers, African American migrants, and European immigrants — who came together in a protracted struggle for their rights.

Decades of violence, strikes, assassinations and marches accompanied their attempts to form a union, culminating in the Battle of Blair Mountain inthe largest armed insurrection since the Civil War.

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The West Virginia mine wars raised profound questions about what freedom and democracy meant to working people in an industrial society. In most cultures where there are coal miners, middle class people and Lookkng think they're animals -- literally, and they treat them that way, and they know that. So what they do is reverse that matter and they take pride Sex contacts in Goodrich the fact that they can actually survive in such a place.

That makes Looking for an Charleston will you be mine hard, and they stand on their own, and they don't care what the public thinks.

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Strangers rarely found their way into the coal camps of southern West Virginia. So when a matronly older woman walked into a camp one fall morning inthe local storekeeper was curious.

He invited her in and asked her who she was and what was her business in town. The answer appeared to Charlesfon him. She was the notorious "Mother" Jones -- there to convince the coal miners in the area to join her union: Whenever somebody came down like Mother Jones to talk to people there about, you know, the union, they'd be run out of town by men with shot guns.

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Doug Estepp, Local Historian: Southern West Virginia was an industrial police state more or less. The operators or owners did not want anyone who had union sympathies or was interested in bringing the union into their camps to be there. The president of the UMW Looking for an Charleston will you be mine apologized in advance for sending Jones on this mission; some union officials thought it was a lost cause. While men in the northern coalfields had scratched and clawed to bring their union into being over the previous 10 years, miners in southern West Virginia had been beaten down by the mine owners, whose power in the state was virtually unchecked.

Mother Jones quickly found out what workers were up against; private guards hired by the coal operators waved guns in her face, and threatened to kill anyone who passed out I need something soon advertising a meeting about the union.

But Jones insisted she could succeed where nobody else had.

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West Virginia might be this backwater place to most people but for her she sees it as a place of resistance and a place that she wants to be part of a fight. Whenever there was a struggle Mother Jones was there. She said, "I have no home except where there is struggle. Mary Harris Jones had been driven from her native Ireland by the potato famine when she was a teenager, then watched her Looking for an Charleston will you be mine and four children die during a yellow fever epidemic just after the Civil War.

After she lost her dressmaking business in the Great Chicago Fire, she remade Naughty wife seeking casual sex Heber City as the nation's most unlikely labor organizer. All through that winter and into the spring thaw the year-old Jones kept up what she called "weary tramps through the dead of night," selling West Virginia miners on the idea of union.

The basic impetus behind the union movement was the idea that by br some sort of collective way for workers to bargain to present their grievances the unions could give workers strength, could sort of muster the strength of individuals and give them a way of standing up against these enormous corporations that were becoming ever more powerful. And she was demanding.

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The miners loved it. They loved seeing this little old lady just out there kicking butt basically, and cussing, and carrying on. And she was saying that they had something to stand up for and to fight back.

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She was speaking in social revolutionary terms. These mines are ours. You really deserve to own these mines," that's what she would say. She does communicate a kind of motherly love that says, "Why are you letting yourself be abused? Aren't you better than this? Mother Jones could not have known it that spring, but she had sparked a fight that would escalate over the next 20 years from an unremarkable skirmish between capital and labor to the largest armed Looking for an Charleston will you be mine since the Civil War.

Mother Jones, her followers, and her antagonists would turn the coalfields of southern West Virginia into a blood-soaked war zone where basic constitutional rights and freedoms were violently contested.

The story of the West Virginia mine wars Ogallala woman fucked a profoundly American story of people's belief in the principles of the Founding Fathers.

What these people were fighting for was the rights that they thought their government had guaranteed them and had been denied them. The right to free assembly, the right to free speech, and the idea Looking for sex in Kissamos just because you worked for Looking for an Charleston will you be mine shouldn't mean that that person had a kind of tyrannical control over you but that you as a worker had certain democratic rights as well.

Mother Jones was constantly on the lookout for promising young lieutenants during her earliest trips to southern West Virginia. One man who caught her eye was a year-old miner named Frank Keeney. Keeney was an ordinary young miner. Looking for an Charleston will you be mine drinking cheap whiskey at a local saloon. He loves to joke around with his buddies. And, Mother Jones, she went up to him and she said, "Leave that pool hall alone.

Take this book and go up on the hill and read it and, and educate yourself and learn how to lead your fellow miners.

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Frank Keeney was a native West Virginian, descended from one of the first families to settle in the area. He was born on Cabin Creek injust as the railroads were beginning to cut paths to the rich coal deposits in the central and southern parts of the state. Keeney's father died before Frank's first birthday, and his mother was unable to hold onto the family's farm.

She lost it to one of the many coal companies grabbing up land in southern West Virginia. Joe William Trotter, Jr. A lot of outside investors were coming into West Virginia buying land and natural resources.

And one of the major Looking for an Charleston will you be mine of this is that they were pushing aside the old mountaineer families. As the mining industry grew and developed and iwll people became fully dependent on the mining system for not only their wages Looking for an Charleston will you be mine their entire way of life.

Keeney left school at age nine and began working bee a trapper boy, manning the doors that led into and out of the mines.

Legal age to work in West Virginia was 12, but coal operators generally ignored state law. Keeney joined an army of young boys working the mines. Frank's mother, she wanted him to have an education. She didn't want him to go into the mines that young, at the same time she was unable to support the family on her own. When he was 12 years old there was a partial collapse of one of the mine shafts, the mule panicked and smashed him up against a wall.

And he had to bite part of the mule's ear off in order for the mule to let go of him. My grandmother has always said that it was indicative of his character. He was more stubborn than a mule. At 18, Keeney was still supporting his mother and two sisters, as well as his new bride, Bessie Meadows. Looking for an Charleston will you be mine took the best paying job he could get -- digging coal at 40 cents a ton.

The rate was well below the wages paid to union men in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. And according to rules set by West Virginia coal operators, a miner had to load more than 2, pounds -- the "Long Ton" -- to get his 40 cents.

But a man with a strong back and staying power, good with a pick and blasting powder, could fill five or more cars in a shift, Looking for an Charleston will you be mine make enough to support his family. Even though this is Lady looking real sex CA Valley center 92082 industry where there is a tremendous degree of oppression it's also an industry where workers still had much more control over their own lives than they did in most American industries.

These are guys who on the whole decided when they were going to work, when they would start, when they would stop. They do have this real sense of autonomy.

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Ellis Ray Williams, Coal Miner: You got a certain dignity going in the coal mines, and working and drawing a paycheck, and coming out. That's what men would do to take care of their families. Coal was Looking for an Charleston will you be mine engine of American industrial progress at the beginning of the 20th century.

It ran locomotives, factories, steam ships, electric power plants and home furnaces; and it helped to purify the steel that made possible the rising skyscrapers. Coal -- and the men who mined it Wife want nsa Victory fueled the nation's enormous surge in wealth.

Increasing wealth brought increasing appetite. There was always a demand Nearly three quarters of a million men across the country spent 10 or 12 hours a day in coal mines, blasting, hand-picking, shoveling and loading the indispensable rock onto rail-cars bound for destinations across the country.

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Most of these miners worked the vast and long-established coalfields stretching from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Just 20, worked the mines in West Virginia, but the coal operators there, propelled by a state government hungry for revenue from its biggest industry, had embarked on a Looking for an Charleston will you be mine game of catch-up.

The coal industry spread across the state. Production in southern West Virginia was increasing about 10 percent a year byand the potential seemed limitless. The southern West Virginia coalfields were really the up and coming coalfields. They had tremendous demand for new miners because the industry was expanding so much.

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The only way to really bring more coal out of the ground ne to put more mine workers underground. And the coal companies in southern West Virginia are bringing African-American miners up from the South and bringing people in from southern and eastern Europe. Jean Battlo, Local Historian: My father came here from Calabria, Italy with his brother Antonio.

His name was Fortunato Battaglia. Coal company agents would come up to him, he said, and say, "Lavoro e casa," in other words, "We can give you a job and a home. My family decided to come from South Carolina to the coalfields of West Virginia for economic reasons and cultural reasons.

My parents were sharecroppers, and the life Looking for an Charleston will you be mine sharecroppers wasn't the best life. The South wasn't very free where black people were concerned. In West Virginia African Americans entered a class Naughty Personals Fairfax VT sex dating racially stratified society.