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Want a Good Reason to Avoid Early Morning Classes?

They can even increase the likelihood of mornimg, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. Some school districts have responded by starting schools a little later, but traditions are difficult to change and Early morning class hookup have been reluctant to have high schools start later in the morning and end later in the afternoon.

They start staying up later at night and sleeping later in the mornings.

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Lonely women in 79095 sc These pubertal changes tend to start earlier for African Americans mmorning for whites, so bedtimes may be a problem for many middle-school children as motning, especially African Americans.

Sleep researchers have Early morning class hookup that most adolescents and adults need more than 9 hours of sleep: Those of us who routinely get 6 hours of sleep or less are functioning just like someone who stayed up 48 hours straight after getting 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

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Falling asleep in class makes it impossible to learn, but that is not the biggest problem for sleepy students. Sleep deprivation is similar to alcohol in its effect on judgment, reaction time, and driving skill.

And like alcohol, the teen or adult impaired from lack of sleep is unlikely to realize it. Sleep deprivation is a problem for all drivers, but especially inexperienced ones.

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Falling asleep at the wheel can also be fatal for the driver, passengers, and bystanders. Remember, a one-second delay in pressing the brake while going 60 mph will send your car an additional 88 feet!

Smoking, Drinking, Sex, and Drugs. The same impaired judgment that can cause car accidents can also result in making bad choices.

This can result in all kinds Swingers ready to chat problem behaviors. The fact that high schools end early and many teens are unsupervised from approximately 2: Ask your local police department when teens are getting in trouble and they will inevitably talk about the unsupervised afterschool hours. Teens use caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants to stay Early morning class hookup, and the more they use, the later they stay up and the more tired they are when they hokoup to wake up for school in the morning.

Soft drinks such as Mountain Dew and Surge have even more caffeine than coffee or cola. Conflicts with Family and Friends.

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Everyone knows that tired babies are cranky. Research shows that tired adolescents and adults are also cranky, easily frustrated, and overly emotional.

This can contribute to constant tension Early morning class hookup family members. Teens who get less sleep are also more likely to be overweight or obese. Because they are more tired, they often exercise less and drink more sugar-filled caffeinated drinks.

This starts a vicious cycle of weight gain, which leads to stress, which leads to sleeping less.

They have trouble paying attention in class and may be short-tempered with teachers and other students. After school, they may have a job, athletics, or spend time Early morning class hookup their friends.

So they stay up until Researchers wanted to see what would happen if the school day were to begin later.

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Would the teens simply stay up and wake up even later than before or Early morning class hookup they get more rest and perform better? Administrators at a small private mostly boarding school in Rhode Island were willing to be part morninng the experiment and changed the morning start time from 8 a.

What the researchers found was that students began to sleep more, reported feeling tired less often, were less likely to miss hiokup be late to their first class, and ate more breakfast. In order to compensate Early morning class hookup the later start time, the school cut minutes from every class and activity.

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The change meant students had slightly less time in the classroom, but the tradeoff was improved attention during the school day. Unfortunately, most schools across the country start much earlier Early morning class hookup 8: This is often because they need to coordinate bus schedules across a district that has elementary, middle, and high schools. It is also because many parents Early morning class hookup coaches Horny women in Fargo afraid that afterschool sports hookupp other programs will run too late or have to be eliminated.

One solution is to make vlass changes to school start times at a state level in order to coordinate afterschool activities and sports throughout the state.

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What if School Started Later? Diana Zuckerman and other senior staff.

Sleep circadian rhythms and delayed phase in adolescents. Board on children youth and families. National Academy of Sciences. Journal of School Health.

Impact of delaying school start time on adolescent sleep, mood, and behavior. Journal of the American Medical Association.