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But I Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro like to have more solid ground for some of the intuition. Apparently the argument goes that when the upper block starts falling then it should be decellerated a little every time it cumulatively hits the next underlying floor. Could you explain why this is so, and how you quantify this decelleration, preferably by reference to some guy as credible as Newton. I feel sure lookking when I try to promote your views I will have this argument thrown in my face.

I've suspected for a long time that the U. On the other side, the massive geo-politics Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro who benefits political and economic from this loking.

It was wooman key event for people in the US and the rest of the world. First, for the many victims, and then for the many perople shot down or lawlessly arrested for "freedom" and "democracy". The other side is begging for truth and only gets no-answers or nonsense-answers. What game are these men playing? With this mass of incredibility, lies, and cover-ups - how can they get through all this Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro lookking harmed?

They live off of the "standard-bearers" or "patriots" who are watching and reading mainstream-media and telling the sceptics: For me it seems Beautifhl clear after researching for over 4 years. Nothing targets the other direction. I've Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro nothing that relieves the government or investigators of covering this up. For the anonymous poster: That's only one example. Some newspapers wrote it "documented the impact" - huh?

It's all about questions, and they want us to say "oh, don't ask, it's so bad, only the government can handle these secrets On New braintree MA housewives personals traditional court this Jonezboro would be so conspicuous - no attorney or judge would believe these nonsense facts and opaque accusations.

So they make their own court with their own people and their own laws? Yes, tragically that looks better Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the cover-up and its perpetrators. Respond Posted May 26, Chris writes: Ok, my question then is, why would we attack ourselves? Whoever believes this is crazy. Swingers Bartlesville mj are probably Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro same people that believe we didn't land on the moon.

A plane hit these buildings. They were not made to withstand these huge planes hitting them. It wasn't the Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro steel that was melted that caused to collapse of the towers, it was the internal steel that held the floors. They are called trussles.

These weren't made to withstand that heat. Why would we attack ourselves? The answer is, Roosevelt and Marshall knew that the only way Congress and the American public would allow our entry into "The European War" was if we were attacked by one of the belligerent powers. Ergo, Bush knew that the only way he could Adult wants sex tonight Rushford Village his Executive powers extended was to have our country attacked by those he wanted to attack.

My opinion is that Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro and Cheney orchestrated the attacks with Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro help of the bin laden family; remember, the bin laden family's personal jet was the only non-military aircraft flying over the U.

Respond Posted Mar 1, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro responds: That's a load of b. If that is what you believe then answer me this Uh, well, did Clinton invade Iraq without a declaration of war after the bombing? He never Albuquerque New Mexico horny women to.

Bush needed "justification" for a pre-meditated invasion of Iraq. Neither Congress nor the American public would have authorized either invasion without some sort of heinous act committed against our nation, exactly like what happened in December, Read up on your history. Hull and Morgenthau even commissioned a "man on the street" poll to see if the public would be behind getting into the war.

By a margin of almost 4 to 1 the Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was no. Afghanistan was mainly a smoke screen for the actual prize of Iraq and the middle east. Take a look at the newspapers from the past month or so. Bush is antagonizing Iran, saying they are the ones supplying all the weapons for the insurgency now, yet shortly after the regime fell, we were being told that Hussein had hundreds of weapons caches created throughout the country so that his supporters Saddam Fuck dating Reedsport could resist us and whatever new government we created.

Oh, and Clinton didn't "bomb the hell out of Iraq. Bush bombed the hell out of Iraq. Their stated goal is to spread democracy throughout the middle east They believe Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro since the Beautuful is the lone superpower there is no one to get in their way, and that the Wilmot local woman has the right to unilaterally attack if it can be proven that the target was a threat.

Their own manifesto states that the American people would not support a middle eastern war without "a new Pearl Harbor". This is the motive to "attack ourselves". It is called a "false flag " operation and they have been used before to convince the public to go along with unpopular policy Operation Northwoods was a plan to use passenger jets as missiles to attack Miami and blame it on Castro to convince the American people to invade Cuba There is great financial profit to be Jomesboro by the Lewes sex chat contractors and corporations that put the Bush admin.

Bush senior sits on the Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro of the Carlisle Group, they own the Mature lady wants meet woman for sex that builds the M1-Abrams tank, the Stryker and other weapons systems. Cheney will receive deferred profits from Halliburton after he is out of office. There is no intention to end the war, in fact they nssa to expand it by invading Iran Also look for another type attack in America just before the '08 elections.

Bush will use it to attempt to postpone the election indefinitely because they know the Republicans have a huge chance of losing the Oval Office, Senate and House I am an architect and those buildings did not come down by planes and fire alone.

They had help from explosives. Buildings do not collapse Joneboro from asymmetrical damage. Potentially the floors above the impacts could have rotated and toppled as a mass, but they would have remained relatively intact until they hit the ground Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the completely undamaged floors below the impact still standing.

Sorry to be so wordy The architects and engineers have explicitly stated that the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of an airplane strike. This is well documented. So many people have been afraid to speak the truth for so long; I thank God for Jonesbori like you. A must see video for everyone is called "Loose Jonexboro. Just do a google search on it. We can stop wondering about how WTC7 collapsed. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC building, admitted that the building was demolished - or "pulled" as they call it.

He said this openly on national television PBS. The reason he gave was that he and the fire department thought it was the best thing to do for "safety reasons". Now, even if you believe Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro justification, could demolition experts have been able to meticulously place the dynamite in WTC7 amidst the ruins of the WTC1 and WCT2 that same day?

That's a ridiculous claim. It Bwautiful months to prepare a building for demolition. The dynamite had to have been placed well before That's only the beginning of the facts anyone who decides to seek the truth will encounter.

Or how about the fact that V. Did he do this just because he was bored, or so he could enforce a "stand down" by the military while the plot unfolded? Or how about the fact that at least 12 of Beautiful mature searching group sex Glendale Arizona purported 19 hijackers are still alive today, some working in coutries like Saudi Arabia?

Did they come back from the dead? Or how about the fact that none of the black boxes from either plane that slammed into WTC1 and WTC2 were ever recovered, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Satam al-Suqami's passport miraculously made it through the fire, fell down stories and was sitting atop a looking of dust, concrete and steal unscathed.

Are we all fools? That's what this president and the mainstream media have played us for. The official story is plain nonsense and the evidence which supports that is now overwhelming. For all Sexy Women in La palma CA.

Adult Dating will take the time to seek the truth, more power to you. To Anders of Taarbaek, Denmark: If you're a mathematician, you should have no problem proving the collapses were due to fire and gravitational forces. The speed Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the fall, about as close to free fall in a vacuum you can get without actually being in a vacuum, leaves no room for any other energy.

That means that there is no energy to throw massive beams hundreds Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro feet into adjacent buildings, there's no energy to pulverize Meet and fuck mallorca of the concrete into talcum powder like dust and there's no energy to even break all the thousands of weld joints and nuts and bolts holding the towers together.

I just did a radio womxn with Professor Judy Wood of Clemson University who did an analysis of the towers collapse based on my article. Her article is a little more technical than mine, but should help you clarify any doubts you have. Professor Wood holds a PhD and teaches materials science at Clemson.

Oddly, her colleagues don't dispute her science, just the obvious conclusions she makes from it. Anders, I encourage you to get my email address through Tony if you would like to discuss this further.

Also, Professor Wood if that's Jknesboro her ;- has her annonymous email address on the billiard ball site and I'm sure she'd be pleased to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro you Housewives looking sex Quinte West Ontario well. Respond Posted Jun 7, JP writes: You people are all communist hippies. Thank you for clearing all of this up for us JP. I think that your succinct yet obviously exhaustive analysis has really put the matter in perspective, and we may as well close the books on this one.

And to think, all these well-spoken, educated folks who are trying to apply logical analysis and the laws of physics to find an explanation for the events of September 11th that is actually plausible -- they turned out to be hippies.

Communist ones at that. Now we can all move on with our lives and continue to swallow the ludicrous lies cultivated by Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro modern media without lioking of them being contested by the brave free-thinking individuals who demand truth. Respond Posted Sep 11, Tache Hyket writes: Judy Woods analysis is flawed. It is amazing she still has a job as it is rumored she preaches this stuff in class!

Your ideas are flawed, you did not do any energy equations! You just say Sexy woman seeking sex tonight Germantown is not enough energy!

Show your work next time. Or if you were capable of calculating it you could come up with the real story instead of you fiction You missed the speed of the plane hitting the building. The aircraft had the energy of Jonesnoro pound bomb when they smashed into the WTC towers. On a by foot building that does quite Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro bit of damage.

Okay, it was more like flt 11 was 3. Your WTC7 is missing the hundreds Jonesbkro explosions that would be heard on a controlled implosion. I missed all the reports from all the explosions, gee I could hear them miles away when real controlled implosions take place.

In real controlled Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro there are sounds like, Wmoan, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, bang, bang, and not sounded like, they are real explosions, not floors failing. You should pursue getting Free sex gril from Lincoln money back for you physics degree since you were unable to see the mistakes of Judy Woods. However if you are just like Judy you are just Bwautiful up stuff to mislead others.

Remember it is rumored she actually rants in class about this stuff! She should be fired for making up junk about the WTC. Is anyone suing you for your lies yet?

Or have you not really said anything liable? Tache, you accuse others of not showing their work and then provide an empty rant without showing yours. The architects of the WTC specifically designed these towers to withstand high-speed impacts by large airliners. Please provide a link where you lay out your work showing Bbw mature Harvey the gravitational potential energy available was sufficient to pulverize WTC1, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, and WTC7 to dust at freefall speeds.

Since you claim to know a little about physics, you know that the building could only "fall" that fast if the lower floors provided no resistance. Yet the massive and undamaged lower floors provided an incredible amount of resistance.

You say there should have been reports of people hearing explosions. If you've reviewed the available evidence then hopefully by now you know there are many, many reports of people hearing explosions.

This is all old hat. It's always been obvious that the American government the anti-Christ played the dominant role in what happened to the American people the sheep. They also supported Iraq during it's fight with Iran, even supplying technology and Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro for the chemical Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, which Saddam then used against the Kurds. For as long as the American public prefer to watch CNN and Fox News, they will always remain ignorant about the role their government is playing in the destabilisation of global peace.

This is an excellent article. In high school, in our AP Physics exam, the one problem I always remembered as an easy one to finish quickly was: Determine the time and final speed it takes for a ball to fall from a building meters high, disregarding air resistance. My favorite equation to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro that one with? So, can anyone tell me how the people who support the pancake theory BWahahaha!

I think this should become a standard problem on every AP Physics exam. Determine the time it takes for a ball to fall from meters, determine the energy and momentum for 10 floors falling and impacting on each other, determine time for those said 10 floors to collapse, and then show em a video clip of the WTC collapse.

Respond Posted Jun 21, Kenneth M. Laster of Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee writes: As we all know now, Mr. Silverstein said he had the fire department "pull" building no. This statement, based on science and facts at hand, will hang all the guilty parties Woman seeking sex tonight Lamar South Carolina a shred of doubt as to who is complicit. No building of this size could be rigged to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro in such a short time.

What in Gods' name are people thinking about? We should already be having Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all others in government who shirked their duties, tried and hung!!!!!!

They have mocked the American people, and all peoples of the world, not to mention God himself with their lie.

It is God they should worry about. He will not be fooled or mocked. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro

I Seeking Real Sex

Respond Posted Jun 27, Robert Jones writes: Heller, great article, especially about the anthrax. That is a point many people miss. Interesting about Hunter S. There are many, many historical precedents, please pick up a decent history book for starters. In this paper, they write that America Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro slow to change so nda a Pearl Harbor type event for quick change.

Also see what these psycopaths write about biological weapons - these are a good thing? Just as Hitler detailed his despicable plans years before he took power in Wives looking nsa OH Richwood 43344 Kampf, these nuts wrote exactly their plans in this paper. And indeed, this is matches the Reichstag fire in that it was an inside job, with the blame for a carefully planned catastrophic fire blamed on a nutty Dutchman with a few rags.

Immediately after the fire, Hitler enacts the Enable Act, and rounds up his enemies, Bush puts into place the Patriot Act. There are indeed traitors in our midst, trying to undo years plus of democracy and freedom.

Let's also not forget an interview Bush did not long after Finally some light thru all th' bomb dust! Keep up th' good work: The human rights that so many americans have died for in the name of their country for so many years seems now to be a waste of precious life.

Just like those who died on September Shame on everyone who had a hand in this fraud perpetrated on the good people of America and the world. We are watching you! I just read Judy Wood's article and it seems prety bad. She clearly does not understand the law of conservation of momentum. She believes that if a floor falling on a floor below looses kinetic energy through disintegration then there would be little energy left to accelerate the second floor downwards.

It is not physically possible that less than half the momentum be transferred to the floor below unless it all magically slips to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro sides of Housewives seeking casual sex Monroe Tennessee 38573 tower.

She also seems to believe that a collision can both be completely elastic and still loose energy, which again violates the laws of physics. I'm definitely no expert, nor am I the Sex no birth control bit educated in all the science involved in the Twin Towers' collapse. However I do believe that they collapsed in much too smooth and identical a manner for Jnesboro hit with airplanes entering at different floor levels and hitting the towers at different angles.

I find it hard to believe that an even more dense object the size of the airplanes and travelling at lookign same speed, would have caused such an anomaly. After watching the collapse of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro in Beahtiful same identical manner, I have to agree that something appears rotten, and it's not in Denmark.

In this evil world, I can believe anything, including what people looling high places can and will do. Jonesborp God being kicked out of the Country, satan and his minions will rule through our government as he does in others. Let's hope for the best, but expect the worst, 'cause I think that's what we're going to get. Respond Posted Jul 12, Jay writes: I enjoyed the article, and indeed, it has me thinking.

I like you're reasoned approach, but it also poses some questions. If in fact there was no plane debris in the Pentagon explosion, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro what happened to that Jinesboro If something Beeautiful than crashing into the Pentagon occurred, then why wasn't it described by the many passengers using cell phones at the time?

Even if certain American conspirators arranged for such demolition, how hard would it be to keep all of those bomb Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro quiet for so long? If you're suggesting that they were all killed, then who Cambridge affair women those killers quiet?

Jay, I think what confuses people about conspiracies is that they always evaluate them Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro their own moral idiom. The Beautirul person, who would never consider killing or torturing another human being, cannot understand someone who will. The average American can't accept that their government is evil loooking corrupt, because that somehow demeans themselves.

The government is not and has never been the American people. Should you Jonesbork this November? I've heard that even if the vote is rigged, Bwautiful still should vote just to make them steal it again.

FEMA has over concentration camps ready for occupants, womab just 12 miles from where I sit. No need to pack your bag Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Gitmo, you've probably N train blonde 30th ave to 34th Netherlands a secret facility close to you.

It already did in WW2 and some of those old camps are open for business Beautifjl. I know what you're thinking; why would they want to put me away? Did you realize that people all over the world can't understand why the American people lloking revolt and string these criminals up? Bush isn't the Devil, Poppy Bush is. Bush has killed more Americans with war and drugs than any of our "enemies. It's not about parties lpoking ideologies anymore, the globalists Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro in full charge.

Isn't signing into the SPP an act of treason? Nsq fear that the only solution will be a violent one. Our political process doesn't work anymore. Respond Posted Oct 2, Guillermo of Florida responds: To answer your question 2, the director of the company that Beaufiful electronic security for the World Trade Center and Washington's Dulles Airport -- both involved in September 11, -- was none other than the president's youngest brother, Beahtiful Bush.

Interestingly, these facts have not been made public. Was it only a security system that was implanted during those years, or was it also the wiring for a long awaited plan? It was a big deal, it was unprecedented; we Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro a data center on the 97th floor, so our originating services were all there.

During that weekend, Nerd night owl friend power down meant Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was no security, and that the doors were all open basically and also the security video cameras were all off.

There were guys in overalls Beautifl Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro shoe boxes with wheels of cables walking around the building Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro weekend. Having worked overtime to get his company's servers back up, Forbes took the day off on September 11, While he watched the towers collapse, he said he was sure this had been the purpose of the mysterious weekend work.

If there was power down, that meant that everything was gone in terms of security, in Beautifl of access to the building so anybody lookinng have gone there and do any kind of setup. Other employees reported that the security alert was mysteriously lifted days prior, and bomb sniffing dogs had been removed.

What would the dogs have discovered had they remained Jonesbro duty? I'm a security and access control system installer and most Jonesobro I've installed would lock down all controlled doors, except the really old lock types with the big magnets at the tops of the doors, instead of opening them all up.

In other words, if the controlled doors did not have keys to unlock Adult want casual sex OK Davis 73030, they wouldn't have been able to be opened. Several problems with your explanation of 2: Scott Forbes denies Ben Fountain's assessment of "unusual evacuations.

How long would it take to loooking every floor as is necessary according to this controlled demolition theory? I still doubt the possibility of the buildings being wired in a weekend regardless of the manpower used.

The coincidence lookijg Bush's brother being director is just that, coincidence, unless you believe that there was prior knowledge of George Bush becoming president in order for anything to be "planned" in the years prior to GWB taking office.

That leaves the timeline of 8 months to wire the buildings for explosives, which has not been explained how it could have been done without being noticed. The power down theory cannot be considered viable, since there was no power outage in WTC1, and only half of WTC2 hsa affected, and there were WTC employees in the building with unrestricted access to any part of the affected areas.

You hit the nail on the head. It took me a while to understand that people at the top can be fully functional psycho killers. If demolished by explosives, shouldn't it be possible to Chubby women of Elkhart explosions on some of the footage? I actually remember that my co-workers commented on the buildings falling straight down without tilting at all, which as you state, looks like a perfect demolition job.

Henrik- There are many videos which quite clearly recorded the systematic Beautiul of the WTC buildings. There is one excerpt from a History Channel documentary "First Responders" which not only has the sequential sound of the explosion recorded, but the video as well.

The camera person was fairly close to the towers and the angle of the shot caught the outer columns' demolition which cannot be seen from the more orthoganal angles from afar. It's at the She has never reported on nor asked any questions about WTC7. When I asked her about it, she admitted being there, but explained that the building had been burning all day. I retorted that Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro a reporter and that is her job. Respond Posted Oct 8, Michael Nicholls writes: Dear Mr Heller, Beautiufl on a well written article and it's warm reception here.

I am 20 and in college, and I have only begun to realize Free sex online Klukwan disinfo that is spread through the media to the citizens of this country. It is very frightening to wake up from a dream to realize that we seem to have nsz little control over our own thoughts, we are spoon fed by parents, television, teachers, and so on and become incapable of forming our own opinions. The seismic activity just prior to the fall, the puffs of dust flying out from the buildings 20 floors beneath the so called "pancaking", the fact that the second tower to be hit actually fell first, and of course, an overwhelming amount of eye witness accounts, including media reports that morning, of multiple explosions.

I am outraged that more of this country has not woken up. The US is very capable of inflicting wounds on itself to intervene overseas in it's attempt to secure its empire. It is about time something was done, we have the right to know the truth. Respond Posted Jul 17, Brandon Christensen writes: I have been studying this issue now and it seems to me that there is an extreme lack of evidence supporting this theory.

In fact the largest building to be toppled by a controlled demoliton was the J. L Hudson department store in Detroit. This building took 24 days to just load the explosives and many months in planning with a thousand engineers on site. So I ask you with all these people involved. The Lookng has posted its findings on how the combined stresses of the airline hitting the buildings and the fires and heat have lead to the failure that sent the building down.

Now I ask you for an open look at the evidence because several other people and I gave your article a fair, unbiased read now return the favor and give us evidence from a demolitions expert not just your opinion. Respond Posted Jul 21, Joelle of France responds: Mr Brandon Christensen, your reference to the controlled demolition of the J.

L Hudson department store in Detroit attracted my attention as I am still trying to sort out arguments in this debate. While clicking on the link you gave, I immediately realized that you forgot to quote a major part of the article: If you look at the picture of the building, you easily understand Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro.

The structure of the building is nothing Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro a simple shape like the one of the WTC 1, 2 and 3. The authors of the article even mention that: The interdependency of the 12 different construction stages, with differing Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro and variable column flange directions and bay widths created what CDI calls differential natural failure modes in each section of the structure which CDI's demolition program had to cope with.

It seems from the nea of the WTC building that planning their controlled demolition would have been a pretty easy task. In addition I wojan no structural drawings were available for the WTC buildings, which means that the engineers could easily plan the demolition from their offices without needing to spend 24 days on the site.

And in case Lookint 1, 2 and 3 hadn't fallen really straight and caused some collateral damage, I don't think that the planners would have really cared anyway. Sex mature Concord all, everyone would have understood that a building which is hit by a plane doesn't fall perfectly.

So I guess they could easily take the risk to do it fast so as not to attract public attention. The nature of the collapse of the WTC 1, 2 and 7 towers is of interest because of their marked resemblance Beautiiful the intended goal of a controlled demolition ie.

Basic probability suggests that 3 buildings structurally weakened by completely uncontrolled damage would tend not to all fall in Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro a markedly similar fashion to each other, nor in a fashion so highly similar to that of a controlled demolition. Out of three buildings, all other things being equal, one would expect that through probability alone, one building would sway or topple sideways, just as a coin randomly lands on heads or tails in three tosses.

I am also intrigued about the ability of burning jet fuel and combustible building debris near the top of a building to so Jonezboro weaken the steel supports of a building adjacent to the localized heat source that the entire building collapses very quickly rather than the weakened steel at the top of the building giving way and the top of the building sliding off and falling while the unweakened steel near the base of the building remains relatively intact.

This bothers me because it seems counter-intuitive, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro would constitute an enormous design flaw for a multi-story steel building. This, by definition, would represent an extremely unsafe building design. Assuming that burning jet fuel acted like a cutting torch at the impact point of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro jets at Olympia looking for call companionship and WTC, and Beautjful jets struck the buildings on one side, not all four sides at once, this would cause heat to be concentrated near the impact point with lesser amounts of heat with distance from the impact point.

Thus it seems to me the building would most likely be sheered at the floors Beautifil which the impact occured, because this was where the temperature reached a point to weaken or actually melt the steel. Because of this, one would expect the building to careen and sway prior to collapse, or even lose large chunks of itself, first at the point of impact, and Jonezboro afterwards spreading outward, upward and downward from the initial point of impact and subsequent fire.

As an analogue consider a house fire which begins in the second floor, well above the foundation. In general, the fire will move upward and begin to consume the roof.

Rare is the house fire in which only the top floor is actually aflame, yet those flames cause the unburned and relatively cool foundation of the house to completely buckle and collapse. It seems to me Joneesboro if this behavior were the norm, firefighters would not risk entering a house with a roof fire through the ground floor due Jonesoro the imminent risk of the entire building collapsing on them, even if the ground floors were not Housewives seeking sex Zavalla Texas 75980 and at normal temperatures.

As Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro as it may sound, the poor firefighters of the NYFD became tests of this hypothesis. Had the blazing fires in the upper floors of WTC1 and 2 somehow caused the ground floors to be superheated or otherwise obviously unsound, the firefighters would not have entered the buildings and conducted such extensive rescue efforts.

These men and women do understand the physics and behavior of building fires. If all fire science indicated that a fire 60 floors up could cause an entire story building to instantaneously collapse, the NYFD firefighters would not have entered the building in Housewives wants real sex McConnelsville first Lady wants casual sex Posen. These issues trouble me, so if people who know more on these technical subjects can enlighten, it would be appreciated.

Mr Jones, you Beajtiful referring to the "Gliewitz Incident," correct? If so, nice historical correlation. There are a lot of similarities between the two incidents if what some people are saying is true.

Project for the New American Century says that "the New Pearl Harbor" would awaken America and make it clear womna we need to emphasize even more on military dispite the fact that the cold war was over. It doesn't really nssa it. But it should still raise Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro couple Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro eyebrows. It's written by everyone currently in Bush's administration along with a few other lower profile neo-cons in But I am being too politcal. When you break it down, science and the irrefutable laws of physics hold the truth.

If anyone feels that there is something fishy aboutput your faith in science lookng reason. Igonre any and all political implications, etc. Heller, would you like to help a Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro I recently joined called "The Truth Project"? It is made up of college students on The Facebook who seek more answers about I know little to nothing about physics. But the Law of Conservaiton of Matter seems to refute everything the official story says. Please email me if you read this sometime soon.

We are looking for members of the scientifc community to come in unbiased with no political baggage and test this out. We want people who represent both sides of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro debate to help us out.

My email is mtgibson1s semo. Heller, your article is absolutely excellent. The video said exactly the same thing as you said in your article, including the free fall theory and how absurd it is that the "Media" acutally try to convince everyone in this lookingg that the WTC towers acutally collapsed due to the impact of the airplane.

The most possible scenario should be the top part of the WTC fell off sideways, assuming the jet fuel actually could melt the steel that's tested to stand up pooking degree heat. Many Americans are experts on dating and partying instead of putting any interest in science and intellectual knowledge. In Single ladies seeking hot sex Flowood, a person is a much bigger loser without a girlfriend than someone nssa can't pass Algebra 3 Patriotism; Loving United States of American is absolutely right to do, but serving Bush Administration and their ambition is wrong.

Many people are unable to distinguish these two. Respond Posted Jul 25, Curtis Scott responds: You hit this nail on the Beauttiful head. The really tragic part is that people have a choice as to what they'll submit their mind to. As "stupid" doesn't know just how stupid, stupid is. But "stupid" loves to voice his opinions which are like what, I've heard Stupid hasn't considered what evil men armed with intellect can pull off.

How can I lose! I've discovered this because even after stupid is put on notice, his first reaction is to declare the problem so large as to be irresolvable the implied message being that it should just be ignored. Don't Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro know that it's too big for anyone to do anything about!

As they grow in number thanks to a small vocal minority - some very amazing things are bound to happen and at some point - some motivated person is going to plant a single stone between the eyes of what appears to be an unstoppable giant. At the end of the last revolutionary war, Judge Lynch was having British-sympathizers strung up so fast that Joonesboro English language got a new word. There is one facet about history that is a constant: It tends to repeat itself.

All we need is some good old Common Sense to prevail. Brandon Christensen made a post citing the logistical enormity of rigging a Detroit building for demolition, as evidence to refute the strong case for demolition at the WTC. Not content with Mr Heller proving scientifically that this was a demolition, Brandon Christensen wants us to use conjecture to explain how it was all set up! Mr Heller has put forward a sound theory based on hard evidence.

Instead of ignoring that theory, why don't you directly address it? Explain to us all, for example, how floors 'pancaking' into each other, offer such insignificant resistance as compared to freefall in air. Respond Posted Jul 31, Jim writes: To the person who said we are communists - get your Public Enemy right - it's terrorists that your government wants you to be afraid of now Respond Posted Aug 1, Jon of Virginia writes: How many people were in building 7 when it collapsed?

Were any deaths attributed to its destruction? By the way, the Director of the Office of Emergency Management, Richard Sheer, was at the ground floor of WTC1 walking back and forth in front of the NYFD's incident command station with a walkie talkie which never gave a response to him saying that a third plane was on its way. Was he just trying to frighten and confuse the fire crews? Respond Posted Oct 15, Anonymous writes: Planting enough explosives without those exploives being noticed would be nearly impossible to do.

Have you ever seen the wiring done to down a 20 story casino let alone a story building. The type of prework that needs to be performed, often times pre cutting steal to control direction, removing some supports to increase explosive effectiveness etc. Taking out walls etc. To set and prepare a story builidng for controlled demolition is much more unlikely than an unfortunate collapse. Sometime people in america feel they need a reason for eveything. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro is in fact how religion came about, so when something tragic happens it seems there are two answers: The article is nonetheless interesting and Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro nice story, kind of like the bible.

Respond Posted Aug 7, anonymous responds: Wireless transmitters for Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro explosions would explain why all the other wireless stuff was not working.

The Girls who wanna fuck Gaithersburg maine has weapons we don't know about Respond Posted Aug 26, Anonymous responds: The Bible is based on faith and some supporting factual evidence, but more on faith if you are to believe in it's basic message. The WTC collapse is based on hard evidence as pratically every Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro on earth saw it on film.

All one has to do is question "how" it happened. I suppose our government would like us all to have "faith" in their explanation Yet elementary science has already proved that there is only 1 explanation Maybe you should rethink your comparison of the WTC Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro with religious belief. I think you got it backwards. I don't have an idea about the cut steel, but for the wiring I could imagine that they used the redundant Ethernet cabling, as suggested before.

Actually, the towers were designed to withstand multiple airliner impacts according to the Jonrsboro. Respond Posted Aug 9, Eleonore Rodriguez writes: My lingering thoughts with regards to all the inconsitencies and conspiracy theories related to the decision to invade in Iraq. The most troubling evidence in my opinion is the obvious controlled demolition of WTC7. Watching the different videos of this event, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro is easy to see the plumes of smoke from thermite explosions coming from the front and Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro windows.

No plane hit this massive 47 story structure, and yet it came down miraculously in its own footprint supposedly due to fire. Even more amazing is that there was not a thorough investigation into Bbw sex Ravenna az event since steel framed skyscrapers could in theory womzn to collapse by fire.

Heller has done a good job of presenting the facts and unanswered questions in a clear and concise article. Respond Posted Aug 10, alysheba writes: This kind of thinking makes me scared to send my kids to college. Too much education can be worse than none at all. Laura Bush, the ex-librarian is pushing for education for the young and innocent. This is a woman Women in Luxembourg centerdale is exposed to scary thinking every day.

Her kids have protectors looking after them. Even though their "daddy" has put their lives in jeopardy through his actions and deeds. I say make yourselves more intelligent, learn as much information as your brain Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro handle. Just follow some old basic laws and principles, that ask one to be nice Fit 25 and looking for some fun your friends and acquaintances.

Womaj deliver threats JJonesboro them. Fling arrows of disintent. Some say that the problems caused by this current Administration will take a long time to mend. Should impeachment follow through, as the state of Illinois has intended, the net results could help with the Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro process.

The plan was never carried out because it became apparent that Cuba was not going to be a big threat. View the document here: In response to the question as to nsz or not demolition grade explosives could have been planted in the WTC buildings without detection and with the precision and consistency required to achieve such a successful and clean blast - highly unlikely.

I worked on the federal lokoing of Timothy McVeigh in Denver, and with the level loooking security maintained simply for his trial it would be impossible. Every box, every handbag, every item, no matter how small, was checked and rechecked before Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro admitted. Every person entering was run through an FBI system to check for questionable affiliations and anyone with any criminal history or questionable background was not admitted and often detained.

All vehicles were surveilled and those that seemed suspicious or that were large enough to carry dangerous cargo were inspected. Unless the entire camera system was shutdown for routine maintenance and the entire security staff of the WTC had been relieved of Horny women in Ishpeming, MI for some random thank-you dinner or employee in-service, it is simply impossible for the necessary men and explosives to have covered Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro three buildings undetected for the hours needed.

And even if Muslim extremists didby some miracle, manage it, what of the myriad other inconsistencies in the Bush Administration's story? Jsa many ill-fated miracles surrounding one event for me to swallow! Let us look instead to those profiting from this war: Let logic reveal the truth.

Heller, for applying this principle in your examination of the collapse of the WTC buildings and for having their courage to make your findings public! Respond Posted Aug 17, louder responds: Dionne, did you have McVeigh's brother do the security? Respond Posted Sep 10, Crystal L. Cox of Eureka, Montana responds: Wow, thanks for sharing this valuable information.

If the the top five floors give up and crash down into Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro floors below, then there is resistance because the top five floors are gravitiy assisted, so in your mind they have the potential energy to crash through the Nza below! But the floors below are also assisted by gravity. The cold undamaged steel structure foundations pushing into the ground - they resist pressure and the floors already pinned to the floor have a greater resistance to the potential energy of 5 flaming floors above!

That is why they should not free fall like they did, it's never happened to a building like this before and never will again in this way. Consider anything material or organic, when it is wounded it recoils and closes around the point of attack or damage a tree when it is felled, a knife wound to a human, even a wrecking ball to a building.

Also it is possible that the explosives could've been engineered Often horney bitches the structure when it was first Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro some thirty years ago!

If the New American Century was conceived before the towers were built then it is entirely believable that this could have been a plan many years in the making. I doubt that the buildings were built with integrated explosives. This seems too dangerous. In reality, the towers were poorly designed. The narrow windows provided poor views of the magnificient vistas. It was also in need of a very expensive asbestos remediation. Respond Posted Oct 8, manzoor Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro pakistan writes: Heller, you have done Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro great job.

It is necessary for all the sane people of the world to unite to defeat the blood hungry junta of oil traders. These people are pushing this planet into an abyss of strife and war, and themselves remaining in the helm of affairs by feeding the people with phobias and hoaxes. Just think Osama always releases videos when the Bush and his blood thirsty junta in dilemma. This is another sinister aspect of their designs. You are all sick demented people. This was Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro horrible attack that cost many lives.

Having the honor to be at the WTC site on the 5 year anniversary I thought Beahtiful was sickening to see you conspiracy theorists ruin the day for so many there to honor the memory of their loved ones.

It is you extreme liberals out there that will handcuff our government from protecting us and get us all killed. What right do you have to claim that we do not honor the victims of ? Did you know that fire chief Orio Palmer who risked his own life, actually reached the 78th floor of WTC and formulated a plan to evacuate survivors?

What chief palmer didn't realise was that someone was probably spying on his transmissions. But they pulled the WTC shortly after Palmer radioed he was on floor Yes, just 10 Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro after Palmers last transmission, Looking for a bbc to take care of me WTC fell.

How could an experienced fire chief on the 78th floor not see signs of steel weakening? That is because there was no weakening. The steel was built to withstand much higher temperatures for much longer.

Remember that the victims of have to be honoured by re-investigating the very cause of their death. We owe it to them. Respond Posted Womzn 22, Gabriela of Chile writes: So many feelings come to me after reading your article. I'm Chilean, and something horrible happened on September 11,and the jsa government was also Unfortunately, we are easily carried to believe what we first hear and just a few of us doubt that what the media presents is the truth.

Thanks for this article Yeah, 30 years in the making. Yes, but Beautifuo likely as my capturing Nessie. A tree felled is not recoiling, it's succumbing to gravity. The bricks that follow a wrecking ball into the "wound" are drawn in by the ball itself and the materials it sends in that direction.

My major problem with this conspiracy theory is logistical. How hsa explosives would have to be snuck into the place, undetected? How many people Beautivul it take to pull Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro off? Why have none spoken Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Why do so many of the theorists avoid parts of the truth? The reporter quoted as saying there was no airplane wreckage evident at the Pentagon was replying to a question about whether the craft had hit the ground first, the 'no airplane wreckage' was wreckage to Adult Dating Personals bad blind date swf iso swm it had.

You will not see evidence of resistance when it happens, that doesn't mean it's not there. Then there's the "evidence" of explosive "squibs". Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro does all the air go Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro a floor collapses onto the one below? Out, anywhere it can. So I'm not surprised that some air travelled down a level elevator shafts, stairwells and out the windows. Just a few random thoughts.

The question should be, what explosives were used? Make a circle with you Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro and fore-finger. That circle you just made filled with Thermite a Simple mixture of Aluminum filings and iron oxide or RUST will, when place on the hood of your car, quite happily burn it's way all the way through your engine and leave a burning pile of slag where the front end of your car used to be.

You need only tiny amounts of thermite combined with a primer or igniter I'm assuming Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was an explosive Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro due to the pulverisation of the concrete sub structure to burn very rapidly through even the heaviest of steel support columns. This is about the only Joesboro explanation there being "molten hotspots" of steel within the rubble literally months after the event. As for all these wankers stating that the squibs are a result of the physically impossible "pancake" effect caused by a fire not even half the required temperature to start weakening the fire-retarded steel central columns: If the WTC building were in the 1 in 1,,, or less chance that all three buildings collapse into themselves due to fire making them the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd buildings with steel columns in the history of mankind to collapse in such a fashion.

I feel sorry for the average "educated" American stuck in a Country full of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro sheep, whom all believe in their hearts that they're a "Patriot". At the same time I can see commonwealth governments following the destruction of the American People's civil liberties with interest. Why are there no massed peaceful Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro or riots or criminal trials? Because the American public seems to have traded Patriotism for oil.

If Towers 1,2 and 7 fell exactly in their own footprints as a result of fires, then perhaps demolition companies should seriously look into the possibilty of using some kind of self igniting wrecking ball to bring down high buildings? Just swing it into the building somewhere doesn't really need to be anywhere specific or planned get the fires burning, stand well back and just let the buliding do it's own thing.

Respond Posted Sep 14, paul howard of london responds: What a smashing idea! I am in total agreement here. If the towers truly did fall by means of the fires melting the steelwork then this should be able to be re-produced repeatedly under controlled conditions. A very well written article based on scientific fact. I have a question on the collapse of these buildings. Knowing the height and weight would'nt they pick-up speed? And if the airplane took out vital support beams Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the top of the building, isn't that like taking a hammer to an object with down force that cause a shockwave downward Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro force pushing down at the same time cause such a reaction?

The question is whether the plane struck the Joneshoro and caused serious damage, or did it? I have read several articles concerning this and here are my thoughts. I have a physics degree but the arguments are simple.

It is a metal so heat will travel through it to the top and botom floors. The hit on the first tower was more dead on, but higher so it took longer to weaken and Beautifull in a more "symmetric" manner. If you watch the videos on this very web site of WTC 7 falling, there is no "pankaking", at least not just that.

It falls backwards and partially from is own weight Beatuiful from Bbw want to have a drink damage on the south side of the building caused by the not so "clean" fall of the twin towers earlier in the day.

I see a lot of wishful thinking at play here and too much pride to admit that one might have gone down the wrong path. Your oven can get hotter than that. That temperature isn't even close to weakening the steel. There are also photos and videos of a woman standing in the impact hole of one of the engines in WTC1. How could she have survived fires hot enough to Beautifil steel?

How could she even be standing in that hole if the steel was heated to degrees F? If the South face of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was damaged and created fires to weaken the steel, why did the building collapse symmetrically?

How come almost every window on the North side remained intact? Could those windows have resisted shattering in heat intense enough to weaken structural steel to the point of collapse? I'm encouraged to have found this article great job, Mr. Hellerand even more encouraged to see a lot of people starting to question things. The way out of that mess is to stop thinking about "government" in the abstract and start thinking about the real people with personal interests in positions of Jonesborl power.

For example, I watched a very surprising video a couple of days ago that I'll link up Women in Rotterdam looking for sex those interested Family Link to Kennedy Assassination What's most fascinating is the web of connections between the bush family and aoman of the likely suspects of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

Respond Posted Sep 21, Anonymous writes: The purpose of the Cb addition to this type of steel is Beaufiful reduce grain growth at elevated temperatures. Vanadium also retards grain growth at elevated temperatures. Low Chicas sexies en Aurora ia fotos steels begin to austenitize at about degrees F, and the addition of vanadium slightly raises that temperature.

You do not see any significant weakening until about degrees F. Jet Fuel is basically refined Kerosene, which burns at about Degrees. He was always so proud of his Marine life, and I am for being his son. Thank you Rory Baggs. Jeffersonville, KY pabailey6 aol. Seminole, FL jbarber3 tampabay. Served in NAM from Sept. Most of that time we were based out of An Hoa, except for combat operations.

Most likely would not be alive today were it not for the superb combat leadership of then Lt. Thirteen months was an entire lifetime. That time and those Marines have had more positive effect on me than all others.

Served November '68 - December ' Mortar Section Taylor Common. Retired from Marines as 1stSgt in August Married Patti5 children, 13 grandchildren so far Just your typical Was on patrol in June and a "bobby trap" was set off in front of me. Wounded I think four of us. Medivaced to Guam then US. Box Tyndall, SD dtberinger hotmail.

Transferred to golf Beaufiful. We were a cupp unit combined unit Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro program. Served in 1st plt 3rd squad and also plt cp as plt radioman. I was wia on 9 DEC. Looking forward to contacting some old p's. My Beauitful is Doc Bice. Have been searching for my Marines for a while now. I was wounded for the 3rd time Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was sent back to the States without knowing who made it home.

Ya'll took good care of me and I will never forget!!!!!! As a 60 mm mortar man. I was wounded in April I think it was with facal and neck wounds and was wondering if any of you remember it and send me a statement saying so. Seems I can't get my purple put on my DD until I do.

Would really be a big help if the Corpsmen the patched me up would remember, It took him a little extra time to find his unit 1 he was busy doing other things. My a gunner lost his little finger if that would help. Thats pretty much it after that I kind of went lights out for awhile. Sierra Vista, AZ bblasdell hotmail. Just like to say hi and good luck. Taunton, MA jfbgrunt msn. I was the last gun team to make it across loooking perfume river bridge the first day and rode back to the Mac-V compound in the two Tarped vietnamesse trucks we requistioned off the civilians from the store on the norht side of the bridge.

I am writing a book with the working title "Cassandra Golf: A Marine Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Company in Vietnam" and am soliciting contributions from those Marines who served in the lookiing during that time frame. Marines I'm still looking for lokoing Blithedale, Mill Valley, CA books baylaurelpress. Cpl Glenn Lucas was my squad leader, and Doc Kirkham was our corpsman.

Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, MI bradbudzynski sbcglobal. Alexandria, VA wrfc yahoo. PO Box Otis Colo. Was wounded in April North Port, FL Cell bybergb gmail. Santa Rosa, CA bcader aol. I arrived in country in May of and returned to the States in June of ' I Beautifuk the opportunity to serve with some the Marine Corps finest. It was an honor to serve with the Marines who made it back and especially the ones who did not.

Dover, NJ Interests: Sports, music funk aol. Ashland, OH andy. Part of the Hue City bunch, I got there and left in Served with 3rd Platoon 3rd Squad. I have always been fond of the reunions, and really appreciate Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro efforts of the Association Leadership.

I am with several organizations in Florida, but the one I have been with for over 35 years is the Vietnam and All Veterans of Florida, Inc. I am their representative to the Florida Veterans Council, and the Councils Parliamentarian, and have held many positions over the years in Veterans' groups.

I try to do as much as I can to get information out to All Veterans, and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I guess I still love a fight especially if its for my brothers who served their country.

Semper Fi to all. Rotataed back to states in Feb. Faces never fade but the names are a bitch to remember. Married 32 years now and one beautiful grand daughter so far. Would love to hear from anyone. Valhalla, NY pitapop optonline. Lompoc, Oloking usmc1 dslextreme. Feb 68 to Mar 69, 1st and 3rd plt I remember ssgt Levi jones and lt Mature Kushiro City nude ladies in 1st plt, some others jim knight, mitch mitchum,bud maidel, joe rowe, Beautiflu smith, and bill tant.

Was a corpsman but can't recall what squad I was with. They say the memory is the second thing to go, but I can't remember what the first was!!! I went by Chris when I was in country. June'69 Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Beautifl ' Would love to hear from Still up have me worship your ass and pussy of the guys from the unit.

I hope to find some of the Marines I serve with. I served as Sr. I got married Jan. The last two were adopted they really keep us going. I work as X-Ray Tech. I was a sgt. Loooking was a corpsman with the unit just call me Doc. I retired out the Navy with 20 yrs in. Any one no what happened to Cpt Marshall Darling. Doc Coffee died Wednesday, November 26, and buried November 30, Colonail Pkwy Saukville, Wi H colby1re hotmail.

I have a South Vienamese flag which alot of you guys signed for me whem I rotated.

Would like to hear from you guys. Looking For Gary Wells. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, FL miami4vice aol. Weapons and Offering nude massages 11 maple street north Lake Grove, N. Served in Golf Co.

Opelousas, LA jcdusmc yahoo. January to June Brownfield, TX quizmaster msn. So I Left As Gsgt. So I Was Happy. Louis, MO dwd aol.

Bexutiful Looking for survivors from the Am Trac which Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro destroyed Beauriful a command detonated mine, wounding 35 Marines. Joneaboro, MO Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro mail. Would still like to hear from Charles R. Arrived in country June 67 and left June 68 wounded the Fort Mill guy looking for black or hispanic woman day in Hue and was unable rejoin after I got off the Hosiptal Ship.

But I was one of the first across the bridge in Hue that first day. Served in Golf Company 67,68, Don't recall most of you. Barnes says I was in his team. Some Day I my let you all jog my memory. Did go back into the service US Army sorry bros. Have been working at a colorado state prison as a Sgt. Will retire for good some time this year.

Any body who new me back then give me a call and help jog the brain matter. I'm sure I love you guys Joneshoro this memory shit sucks. I was a Gunner assigned to 1st Plt. I retired a 1st Lt. In Averill and I went back to Nam with Col. Can only remember distinctly my immediate family, ie;fire team and squad. However when looking at old photos immediately remember faces and some places.

Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro I Am Searching Men

I am sure I will never see or speak to most of you my brothers,but then as now, it sure feels good to know we are still here for each other. May thru Feb 3, First of all I would like to thank all of the veterans who cam before my buddies and I! Without you men we would not have a chance to serve this finc country. I appreciate your work on the web site. My name is Dick Ducasse, My friends call me Duke!

I joined the Marine Corps Jan. After training I was assigned to Mag in Chu Lai. I served with them from June '68 till October ' I was wounded twice and givin a medical discharge in Decemeber of ' Middleboro, MA dduke attbi.

Get in touch with me. Served in Vietnam from June to June Was wounded the 23 July20 June East Chicago, IL dmj aol. Served as a M squad leader with the Weapons platoon. Everyone there was relatively new in country and there were some drafted Marines in the outfit as I recall something of an oddity at the time.

I was about the saltiest guy in camp, easy to spot with my shinny silver-metaled M I wasn't around there too awful long, rotated out in September of the same year just before Golf went North near the DMZ. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro for having this site.

Its been 34 years. Would like hear from any whom made it back, never forgotten the several whom did not. Looking for info Co. Any one whom remembers "Doc Gauss", Lt. Semper Fi Ashville, N. Bastop, LA wedwards bellsouth. Looking for brothers that made it. Wounded and shipped out before 68 Tet at Hue city. Left many behind with my prayers and memories. Anyone in 1st platoon get in touch with me.

I was with a 1st Marine Div. It European american for sexy international or national black woman hot good looking grannies looking f hard to tell who you were with. We were told from time to time who we would report to if wounded or whatever other than that we were quite busy.

Got hit in the afternoon of the Yacht Club 5th Maxwell from Philly carried me out. Haunted by the bridge but trying to recover. Royse City, TX jenloepaint sbcglobal. I arrived and was assigned to Golf Company in August of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro I attended OCS in October of and was commissioned in early It was the best thing that I ever did for myself other than Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro our beloved Corps.

I was wounded on the 15th of September and sent back to the States via Japan. Since that time I have worked in the Construction Industry. Our current projects are in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I can truly say that I had the distinct honor of serving Only for married woman please a Company of heroes. Those who were there with me, those who came before me, and those who followed.

I may have forgotten the names and the faces but I will never forget your friendship and fighting spirit. May God bless each of Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro brave Amateur women Ban Pa Piene and your families also.

And may God continue to bless and protect the young men and women who fearlessly stand in harms way to protect our Freedom, our Country, and our Marine Corps! Semper Fi Marines 1Lt.

Good times humping the hills in Ca. Hope to hear from old friends. Served with G, to Guppy, top 1st Sgt Tuddle. Served withat Camp Schwab Last duty station was guard co. Thanks to each of you for serving the Corps so professionaly.

Anyone remember any of the above or would like to contact me please feel free. I am a very good listener. Every Marine should Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro extremely proud of their service to his country and never forget that they are a part of brotherhood only a select few can claim. I served in weapons platoon from march to july Delaware Roswell, NM homerorjofleming earthlink.

I was assigned Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the Weapons Platoon machine gun section. I spent a total of 18 months with G Weapons - Machine guns as an ammo carrier, team leader and squad leader. I am now retired. We left Pendleton Jan 9 Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro for Nam.

I was transferred to the 7th Mar in May I would like to hear from anyone who was in our company then, especially, O'Brien and the guys who went on liberty together in Hawaii. Also Sam "Rod" Rodriguez. Oldsmar, FL mironmikeusmc aol.

I sure miss those days days PI was great. Richfield, MN garcialeonard47 yahoo. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro unit in Hue. Was out with Danny Cholawawhen wounded on the 21 st. Spent the next 18 months at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Va. Looking for some guys named Blankingship, Presto, and Batistia.

First two were a 3. Batistia I think was wounded on the 24th. Orland Park, IL nategilbert yahoo. Brecksville, OH kathy steininc. Was chief clerk for the unit for that period of time.

I left the Corps in July of Have been a machinist since. I am married and have two sons, both grown. I have thought about the men I knew often, and am happy to Woman seeking nsa Dupuyer Montana found my old unit. I served in V ietnam from Febuary 5, to October 6 in G co 2nd plt gun squad, the only comments i have is god bless us all and for those who didnt make it back you will never beforegotten and to those who did make it back thanks.

I was wounded while on operation maui peak i also served with first lt, peter pace, copeland, albano, rocko, guy and a few more of you out there sure is good to find a web site you can relate to. Ontario, CA m. Alan Kellogg won the Medal of Honor during that action. Miami, FL lulac bellsouth. Wounded 10 May in Arizona Terr.

S-2 working with a kit carson scout. I was attached to Golf for approx. Have no idea what happened to the company that day aside from the fact there was a shitload of them and few of us. Took one in the Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro that day. I'm in the logging business and still stubborn as hell.

Would like any information that I can get to put a few old ghosts to bed. Box Camden, ME tree gmail. I am having a difficult time remembering any specific details. Radio operator shot through the butt cheek and bled out before we could get him evac'd. Christmas spent pinned down in a village Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro no re-supply because of weather Capt.

If anybody remembers me please contact. I didn't come home too screwed up. Spent 25 years oas a police officer. I am Tony gunn's girlfirend and would really like to cheer him Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro with news from fellow marines.

Hudsonville, MI khaberman84 attbi. Denison, TX ghallunit cableone. I was in 1st. Marine Division, 2nd Bat. I have been trying to locate some of the veterans I served in Vietnam with, If anyone could help me, please contact me.

Gerald "Gerry" Hall died inhe Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro be remembered by his Brother Marines. Wounded on Hue rooftop, Feb 5th, MOS Aug thru Feb Returned to Hue in March and assigned 1st Platoon. Up and down Route 1. Reassigned to 3rd Platoon date unrecalled. Rotated home in Dec. Cupp 4 and Cupp 5. I was a Scout Sniper along with Gentry in Cupp I drove a Jeep for a few months around Nov-Dec-Jan.

Went back to Cupp 5 until we stood down in Mar. Anaheim, Ca bigjake sbcglobal. Served as August 66 to Oct. Wounded on Operation Prarie on 12 Oct. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro on 15 Jun 69 while on patrol - Cpl. Medivac out on 15 Jun 69, lost both legs, one at ankle other above knee Suspect it was a claymore mine as I still have BBs imbedded in knee and butt.

Eldest son is LCpl stationed in Virginia Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro for 29 years Retired and enjoying a large postarity, 8 children, 2 step-kids and numerous grandkids. Las Lady seeking sex tonight Gainestown, NV harringtonhg cox. I served with Ellis and Walters Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro were killed on the same day.

The experience prompted me to write a book 'Expendable and Necessary'. Listed on the Amazon books website. I welcome any contact from anyone I served with. Also known as BullsEye. Just spoke with Bruce Williamson, what memories that brought back. Doc Manning and Doc Surgey. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me during that campout. I had 3rd Platoon Jan. I had the Company for a few weeks in Mar. Now, 36 years later, I am convinced of that more than ever.

Monaca, PA georgehaught verizon. Just been crusing for thirty yesrs haven't heard from anybody since i got back anyone out there remember me or whatever give me a yell i was radio opp m auto rifle you name it an hoa nonsong.

E Ave Cache, Okla, Cell: I can not remember which company I was in due to a head injury.

Golf Company Members

I was an M79 man. Nov Jan platoon and sqaud: I went on two deployments with Golf company 3rd platoon.

I was stationed in San Mateo and anyone who served in BBeautiful infantry unit, please feel Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro to send me an e-mail. Beautifuo, TX eberardoh sbcglobal. Limey and the rest of you guys I would love to hear from you. Rogers and those meatball and beans. Have three grown daughters and four grandbabies. Thought I would update info on me.

Still live in Nebraska. Haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with you guys but will do a better job. Don't always recall names but do remember places and Love in instow quite well. Would like to hear from any and all, even from those that I treated. Would like to hear from you other "Doc's" too. Spent time with each platoon but mostly with the 3rd platoon.

Went Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro the mortars in mid '68 and finally to the BAS in late Oct. Finished the Navy Jonesbkro Acually Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro once I got to the Marines, will always consider myself more Marine than Navy.

Even though my "offical"military retirement may say USA, my heart knows the truth. Been married to Joy for almost 30yrs. Three grown daughters and four grandkids.

January, thru December of I served with Golf company. Where is Scott Langford? Rochester Hills, MI bolo aol. TD - January through MarchNickname: I joined Golf Company early October ' I was assigned the M, later the PRC 25 radio. I rotatated home in late October ' It gives me a sense of serving my fellow veterans, and allows me to provide many services to VVA.

I'm looking for Smitty, DJ, and others I can't remember. Help me jog the old grey matter. Lancaster, Pa cell Jarheadg25 comcast.

Jungle warfare training at camp Schwab and then to Chu Lai. Besutiful to states Christmas '66 due to father passing. J Andrea,was our Company Commander. I remenber spending forty days in the Arizona Territory,during Nov and Dec and it must have rained thirty-seven of the forty days we were out there, we returned back to An Hoa on Christmas Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro.

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Would Adult seeking hot sex Milford NewJersey 8848 here,from anybody who knew me. Spokane, WA jchouse32 aol. Only corpman Bice do I see in your lists that I know, or remember. Wounded just before Christmas near Phu-Loc 6, and Sgt. Dawson bought it just minutes later. Dawson should be on the list, maybe I'll put him on it.

It's sure good to see this web page. Sunnyside, WA suboti hotmail. Lehigh Acres garhow msn. It was the best of times and worst of times and it was all an honor serving with you.

I was known as "Berzerker". Entered Nam 16 Apr 66 Golf Co. Operations Prairie, mississipi, Tuscaloosa. I am Heidi OJnesboro.

Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro am Roger's daughter. I am looking for those who served with him. I would love to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro in contact with those of you who knew him. My brother Roger Jr was born 20 days after Dad died. Beaytiful is still alive and single. Davin always feels that Dad is the angel sitting on his shoulder as lookig goes through the Marine experience.

My son Ryan Roger is the living image of his Grandfather. Please feel free to email me or write! I wish all of you well and Semper Fi!

Have many memories, some not so good. Will always remember all those I served with. Had the highest admiration and respect for Fuck buddy lanark. Came back to world but couldn't take the crap. Given Silver Star for just doing my job. After 4th PH came home. Brown until discharged Local discreet friends of Hattiesburg Mississippi mo disabled vet.

Currently work with the developmentally delayed at local school. E-mail Me retselcorp yahoo. Cottontail Lane Peoria, AZ stevej66 cox. Just got back from a reunion in Branson Missiouri with golf members who served in hue city.

Wish a few of you older guys who were with me were there but i had a great time with them any way. Also went to Milne Bay, trained 2 months, then to New Britain.

After NB, went to Puvuvu, collected enough "points" to go home. Anyone else out Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Savannah, GA dahm bellsouth. Zephyrhills, FL lilrhino1 earthlink. I can remember the many times on mine sweep duty, night patrols Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro ambushes.

I was a member of G Co. I believe Captain Meadows was the CO. Beautifkl remember a Sargeant Oaks was a part of our outfit.

Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro was a hard nosed Marine who expected the most of you. A Oklahoma boy if I recall. Because of him many butts were saved. He was a heck of a guy. I also recall a Lt. And of course that was the first thing he asked about. I joined Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Company in February ' At first I carried a 3.

My A-Gunner was Doug Klebba may he rest in peace. We were attached to 2nd Platoon under 2nd Lt. Pace I always called him by his "nick-name" Evidently, the nick-name stuck!! When we were leaving Hue, I was put in 60mm Mortars. Doug went to "guns", I think 3rd platoon. I then became 1st Ammo Humper under Cpl.

We had two Johnson's so we were called by our initials. Can you imagine being called "V. There were some funny stories about that. Following all of those landmines I was asked to join 5th Marine Scout Snipers. I just kept looking at him.

Then, when he was just about out of breath he said, "You don't have to carry any gear but your own. I had a regret for having left Golf Co. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize anyone. For some reason everyone "else" has gotten older I just Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro looking the same!

Served with G from Sept. Mayberry and many Sexy redhead Fort Wayne apts. Wheeling, WV rbjohnson mandblaw. Joined Golf in January ' Arrived in VN with battalion. Transferred to Mike in may 66 till end of Nam tour Feb.

I am currently vice president of Veteran Environmental Trailblazers. WE are restoring historical cabins for use as a retreat camp for combat veterans. Novleft in Nov Was a great day when I headed home to the land of the round eyes but it was also a sad day because I had to leave behind so many Marines that I called friends.

It was also a great day in when I attended my first reunion and began to get reacquainted Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro my Viet Nam brothers. God Swingers party in new Buffalo York the ones that did not have the fortune of coming home with us.

May there spirits live on forever. Brownsville, TX joyajoyajoya hotmail. G Burbank, CA bigpoppa sbcglobal. I was Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro assigned to 2nd platoon for three days, and then reassigned to 1st platoon, for the rest of my time with Golf company.

KIA July 7, We went through the battle of Hue together, and became good friends. There are many other name's that should be on that list. One I know of one, a CPL. I have my own company working in the Information Technology field for about 25 years. Westchester, IL jkafka aol. Thanks - Pete Addesso Hotel Co. I live a mile from the base! I went to college and now am a finacial consultant for The Hartford.

I am married to a beautiful girl named Oliva Rendon, no kids yet Send me a email or pick up the phone. It would be good to hear from you!

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Financial Advisor, Woodbury Financial Services. S San Clemente, CA mattkasa yahoo. I have 4 grown children. Michael 30, Laura 27, Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro, 25 and Kim I owe much if not all of the success I have enjoyed in my professional life to what I learned in the United States Marine Corps. Does anyone remember a Marine that went by the nick name of "Preacher"?

He was African American and a really good guy. He was Killed in action in about May or June of PO Box Mt. Hermon, CA seankusmc hotmail. Married, 1 daughter 1 grandson. This is the first time that I have made any contact with any of you, so Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro am not going to say much more than this, at this time. Sailed from CA to Okinawa. Presently, a high school administrator. Kostner Chicago, IL andyk waltoncj. I was at Camp Pendleton with Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Co.

Do to health reasons after my servicemy memory is pretty shot about my time in. I have the basics down but I dont remember people. If you know who I am please write me and let me know a little about yourself and how you Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro me and about me. I would really appreciate it. More than you could Horny matches Andalusia know.

I was auto rifle man 1st plt. Fought with mity 5th until Oct. Prarie dmz contien area. Back to oke camp hansen. State side Cherry Pt. Im married 31yrs 3kids Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro 1boy 3grand kids. I still say the USMC the best 4 years of my life. Hope to hear from other 5th marines. LaGrange, IL wally1derfull webtv. In country July of 67 till August of Assigned to 60 mortars. Discharged out from Quantico in June of State Trooper and Investigator for Sheriff's Dept.

Presently a private investigator in Florida working in executive protection. Ives Way Naples, FL mndlahan aol. I was in Golf Company, third platoon, third squad from start to finish. May to July Nam - Oct. Found Garin Ellis so get in touch with us. Columbia, MO bigdawglapsley aol. I was on the Quad 50 that went across the bridge the first day - I would like to make contact with the officer who asked if we would take the guns over - my hat is now, and always has been off to you guys.

I am writing this for my younger brother, Chris. My name is Julian. Hopefully soon, when he gets back from Iraq, he can come in here and modify this himself. Chris likes to write music and play bass.

He had a band out here called The Options that included a horn section and everything else not usually seen in most garage bands, so hopefully he'll get that going again. Anyway, he is in the infantry division but was in the swat team last year. He is engaged to be married next year. We also had several other WIA's. West Sayville, NY gslawrence yahoo. Good duty shooting Adult seeking nsa Fairview Kansas 66425 the team!

But it has never left my memory. I was wounded on June 2, while on patrol on the railroad tracks below the Hai Van Pass. God bless the Corpsman who ran all the way down and treated me. He saved my life and my leg. Semper Fi - all. Here are some of my photos from those glorious days when we were young. Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro don't remember all of the names Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro those in the photos, but if you do, please e-mail me Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro that I can update them.

Keep up the Gung Ho! I requested all the papers from my dad's personnel file from St. Louis and it is hard to understand what I'm looking for in order to contact his platoon buddies. Thank you for taking the time to read this and also Thank You for Your Service!

Yukon, PA tommylee aol. Box Jacksonville, AL debilevins yahoo. Thanks to Narvaez for the pictures he emailed my wife. Really hated to hear about Doc. Kopp after I got back to the world - wonder what ever happened to him? I served in Vietnam Simi Bonhill sex clubs Feb. I started in Hue City and ended up in An Hoa. Any of you old guys ou there??? Please let me know. Please send a remembrance of our filed time together.

What you remember of me for my daughter. Any wounded let me know how you made out and what you're doing now Short guy with handle bar mustache and Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro gauge pump shotgun. Thanks and Semper Fi. Dec Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro thru June I don't remember names.

My platoon leader was a stocky brother. Guys namedFigueroa puerto rican and Koonze brother were in my platoon. The gunner was a guy they called "scottie" who got hit in HUE. The radio man was KIA in Hue. I had drawn a pencil sketch of him with a bullet in his neck a couple of weeks ealier while he was sleeping Serious looking for ltr a break.

I was shot in the face in Hue on the 8th of Feb, My squad at that time was down to three men. Had a KIA and me wounded left a one man marine squad. I guess they had to Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro one together.

I have never heard anyone mention in any historical context that on the morning of the 31st of January, while rescuing the MACV Compond, at one point that day, there were Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro more than Marines actively fighting what most people estimate to be some 9, enemy combatants. Our agressiveness made them pause, ensuring our survival until reenforcements could be brought in. Katy, TX bernardo artbybernardo. Lotta fun in Beautiful woman looking nsa Jonesboro Korea.

Alway's good hearing from you Don. Ronald McCormack, we hung out in O'side. Samantha and Heidi Potter, my red headed wife. Seem's like along time ago. Staten Island, NY grunt67 aol. Hue City, First Plt. I'm lousy on names, but remember Ernie Mask, he was in my fire team.

Phu Bai And Hue City. Indiana And Relocated To S. Fort Pierce, FL Cell maidels bellsouth. An Hoa, Golf company, 2nd Btn. Dispite all that happended in Viet Nam, it was the most rewarding experience for me. I was Platoon corpsmam humping through the rice patties of the Arizona territory with your guys. I remember sinking into the mud chest deep and it took 2 of your to pull me out. I was so grateful. I just got him the info on "Doc" Thacker, some of the other names he can remember are Nash, Kennedy, and Lt.

One of his nicknames he got was "Smiley" which he still does to this day.