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Anyone out there like Switzerland penises

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What makes a penis attractive? Well, don't rely on your opinion to answer that question — science has the answer. A new survey, published yesterday July 23 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, aimed to Anyone out there like Switzerland penises lik which qualities women consider most carefully when Swutzerland whether a penis is attractive.

Researchers from the University of Zurich in Switzerland first asked a group of women, ranging in age from 16 to 45, to look at pictures of male genitalia and rate how "normal looking" they found each penis to be.

Next, the penis oglers answered questions about which penile qualities they considered most important when assessing the attractiveness of a man's package.

Specifically, subjects were asked to rate the following attributes in order of importance: Which of these qualities were most important to women?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the position and shape of a man's meatus didn't matter much to the ladies. Almost as insignificant was the appearance of the scrotum, the researchers found.

However, you might be surprised to learn that the third least important penis quality was length. That's right, fellas wSitzerland it's not the size of the boat that matters.

So, what penile qualities do women care about? It turns out that ladies are looking for the total package, so to speak. Oike participants ranked the overall cosmetic appearance of a penis to be the most important quality they consider when assessing a man's genitals.

But more specifically, they cared about hair — pubic hair, that is. The survey found that the appearance kut body hair was the second-most important quality that women consider.

Tied for third were girth and the appearance of penis skin, followed by the shape of the tip. But besides answering a long-debated question, the penis assessment survey also had a scientific purpose: Anyone out there like Switzerland penises was conducted to inform doctors who work with male patients Switzedland a condition known as hypospadiasin which the urethral opening of the penis the aforementioned meatus is located on the underside of the penis, instead of on the tip.

Men who undergo surgery to correct this condition often report feeling that their penises look abnormal, even though health professionals tend to report that their patients' surgically altered penises look just fine.

As part of the survey, women were shown pictures of circumcised penises that were otherwise unaltered, as well as penises that had undergone surgery to correct hypospadias. Anyone out there like Switzerland penises researchers found that, overall, women thought that the surgically altered penises looked just as normal as penises that hadn't undergone hypospadias surgery.

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