Since this is a shared private residence, the guest is required to respect the common rules of good manners.

Booking and confirmation

Reservations can only be made by email, filling out the Contact form available at the Contact us section of our website. Quotes are customized "on demand" depending on specific requests. The formulas can be booked with a minimum stay of 2 nights. No formula provides for the use of the kitchen. By the acceptance of the offer, to execute the booking, the customer must provide the identities, age and nationality of foreign guests. The confirmation will follow the acceptance of the offer and will communicate a confirmation code to be provided for making payments. Any changes of names of guests after confirmation will be subject to our prior approval.


The prices are in Euros or equivalent. Payment must be as follows;

- Booking Deposit: (not refundable) to the first night or 30% for stays over 3 nights, payable at booking by paypal or bank transfer;

- Settlement payable in cash at the check-in, or for the convenience of customers who wish to pay by credit card, we leave to the discretion of the customer asking us by email for the balance through paypal within 48 hours from the arrival, due to lack of internet connection and physical terminal to handle credit cards for the bed & breakfast in Cuba. If you got the confirmation code should be used in electronic transactions and banking. The electronic transaction is always done safely and certified on the payment system of the bank. The entire payment by cash is accepted at check-in for reservations on-site only. All extras are payable in cash at check-out in the local currency convertible (CUC).

Cancellation and Refunds

- For cancellations more than 30 days from the arrival, we full refund with deduction of € 100 for administrative costs.

- For cancellations within 30 days from the arrival, the Booking Deposit will be retained.

- In any case of cancellation on the b&b (early departure) nothing will be refunded; in this case the dwelling is released in advance to our own, one and only, availability.

Deposit for damages

A deposit per customer of € 100.00 for collateral damages will be required in cash at check-in and refunded at check-out in the absence of adverse events.


From 3.00 pm until Midnight, unless otherwise agreed.

Clean room

From 10.00 am to Noon. The towels will be changed if necessary every day and bed linen every two days.


Within Noon; by agreement and subject to arrivals, you can defer in the afternoon (until 6.00 pm) with a surcharge.


A la carte, from 8.30 am to 11.30 am, served at choice in a common area or room.


Children stay under responsibility of the parents who are responsible for their safety and any damage caused. Up to 5 years are admitted free in same room as their parents in a cot mobile.

Main rules of conduct and restrictions

- Guests are required decorum and respect for quiet.

- Any behavior offensive of common decency will be censored.

- Children are accepted only if accompanied by parents.

- For safety reasons visitors from outside are not allowed, with exceptions for a limited number of guests and after registration with the formula Penthouse.

- Private parties are not allowed without the authorization and supervision of the property.

- Pets not allowed.

- The use of the kitchen is denied.

- No smoking in enclosed spaces, smoke detectors activated. Smoking areas outside.

- The use of open flames (eg candles) not allowed.

- The abuse of alcohol not allowed.

- We avoid the responsibility for the loss of objects or values that are not declared nor registered.

- Pool is not supervised

- Minor in the pool only if accompanied.